This guys strobes are going right into the room I’m trying to sleep in and the truck is so loud. #wtf

Anonymous whispered: You remind me of the babe.



Who is the babe.

The babe with the power?

What babe with what power?

Manhatten beach California #trip #la #california

Anonymous whispered: You remind me of the babe.

Who is the babe.

Anonymous whispered: If you could warn any of the Transformers about something, but only once per person, who would you warn first?

If I warn once per person I could warn everyone only once. I’m gonna go with the tfp universe. So I would warn cliffjumper first since he dies first. In armada I would warn starscream. No explanation needed. Tfa: sari. I think she went through a lot and she isn’t even completely human. All the comics: god I don’t even know.

Anonymous whispered: If you were a dragon, how many wings would you have, how many powers, and would you be immortal?

I’d be a stereotypical dragon with 2 wings and id choose to be immortal. Well… I guess if I was a dragon and I got to choose what I would look like… I’d wanna look like toothless. Idk he’s a cute dragon.

Anonymous whispered: I need to find him. He has my muffins.

Yeah…. Golden rule of comedy: Random doesn’t always equal funny. But good try though.

Anonymous whispered: Do you know where the muffin man lives?

Nope. I think you could make your own muffins though.

How I spent my first day in la. #trip #lel

Anonymous whispered: Do you know the muffin man?

We all know the muffin man

Anyone have any questions they wanna ask?

Making music #edm #dance #remix

I’m in la!!! #la #California #trip


your hand is a fucking BATTLEAXE

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