Coalesce E.P. Preview - The Soon Music - Out 9/30/14


Remix Compilation - The Soon Music - Out 10/10/14


ThereinLies - Lost In It All (Wastelands Remix)


Get ready for two new releases including Wastelands, Yordan, Dead Space, The Soon, DJ Prynge, Joey Paranoia, Winston Wolfe, and Craig James!!! 10/10/14 

I freaking love Transformers (all generations) but I freaking love the theme song for Transformers Prime so I wanted to remake it with my own twist to it. Please share this, I spent all day making it. Yes I did this in one day so I really hope you enjoy it, thank you for listening.


The Soon Music is a newly formed record label based in Orlando, Florida. With featured artists Wastelands, Craig James, Winston Wolfe, Audible Impossible, Joey Paranoia and The Soon.

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ARTIST: Foo Dawgs & Wastelands
TRACK: Dance Of Ages Ft. Michael Shivers (Wastelands Remix)

WIP of Foo Dawgs - Dance Of Ages Ft. Michael Shivers (Wastelands Remix)

Did a remix for one of my friends song. I hope you like it. :D

THIS IS IT! This is Killing Spree! I’ve also released System Error too!

BIG DAY. I’ve finally release System Error AND Killing Spree!!!

New Mixtape with all the artists on “The Soon Music” Record label. 

That includes me. :D

ARTIST: Unleax
TRACK: Creep (wastelands Remix)

Doing a remix for one of my friends. This is the progress so far.

With a bit of style. Be classy. Or something.

I didn’t really care